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About Us

O'ZBEKISTON SHAMPANI JSC is located on its own production facilities in Tashkent city limits in Yashnabad district. The total area of the plant is 5.1 hectares. Of these, 2.5 hectares are allocated for production buildings.
On the production site are available:
- winery;
- champagne bottling and decoration shop;
- bottling and decoration shop of quiet wines;
- bottling workshop of vodka and alcoholic beverage products;
- distillery and blending department of liquor and vodka products;
- finished goods warehouse;
- glassware shop;
- boiler room;
- administrative building.
Today the company employs over 200 people. All administrative and managerial personnel have long work experience at our plant. Education and characteristics correspond to the positions held.
The company has established close contacts with suppliers of raw and basic materials, as it is the only specialized plant for the production of champagne, sparkling and carbonated wines.
Our factory has repeatedly taken part in the International tastings and competitions, as a result of which the production of the factory was awarded with various certificates and diplomas.
The joint-stock company has a separate property, has an independent balance sheet and acts on the basis of full economic calculation.
The company is a legal entity, has letterheads, round seal and stamps with its own name, trademark (symbols), settlement and other accounts in local and foreign currency in the bank institution.
O'zbekiston Shampani JSC is registered with the local body of the State Committee for Nature Protection.
The joint-stock company is entitled to foreign economic activity.
The main purposes of further development of O'zbekiston SHAMPANI JSC are:
- production of competitive and popular champagne wines and other beverages;
- raising funds for implementation of progressive technologies and flow lines;
- carrying out technical modernization and automation of the whole cycle of production of finished goods;
- making profit and using it for the development of production and solution of social and economic problems of the society.

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