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About Us

The ancient land of Uzbekistan is called «Diamond in the sandy frame».
Here the boundless horizons of the steppes resist the snow-capped mountain peaks, the hot sands of the deserts recede before the obstinacy and diligence of the inhabitants of the fertile oases in the valleys of the deep-water rivers. Uzbekistan has a long tradition of winemaking. Here natural conditions favor the cultivation of all sorts of grapes - from very early to very late, as well as obtaining high-quality varieties of dried foods and various types of wines, including sparkling.
Although the direct production of sparkling wines in Uzbekistan began in 1942, history takes us back to the far 70s of the 19th century. It was then that dynamic activity began in the wine industry of one of the most prominent and respected entrepreneurs of the Turkestan Territory, a native of Orenburg, a merchant of the first guild, the adviser of the commerce N.I. Ivanov. He bought the estate «Degress» near Tashkent and organized there an exemplary winemaking and began to produce brand wines. Pre-revolutionary coopers especially celebrated the Ivanov's wines «Semillon», «Sultani», «Muscat» and «Siabchashma». This estate will later become a kind of cradle of production of sparkling wines in Uzbekistan.
In October 1942, the decision of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR in Tashkent organized an integrated plant for the production of champagne wines of union subordination. The state farms «Kibray» and «Bulungur» were given to the integrated plant. For the production of champagne, the plant received the department «Degress» (that comradeship «The Heirs of Commerce Adviser N.I. Ivanov») of the winemaking factory №7 business organizations of «Uzbekvino».
The equipment came from the evacuated champagne factories of Kharkov, Tsimlyansk, Rostov-on-Don and Ikerman.
Since 1943, works were carried out on the preparation of prototypes of champagne wine. Samples prepared at the winery of the Central Asian branch of the Research and Development Establishment of winemaking and viticulture «Magarach» evacuated to Uzbekistan from the Crimea, were considered high quality and assigned to the first category. The "Founding Father" of the Soviet champagne production Professor A.M. Frolov-Bagreev, who noted the great similarity of a number of varieties of champagne wine in Abrau-Durso gave his high evaluation of the testing samples. Achievements of masters-sparkling winemaker of Uzbekistan have received a worthy estimation at many exhibitions. On the basis of the order of the People's Commissar of Uzbekistan in 1960, the factory was named «Tashkent champagne factory» and it belonged to the Ministry of Food Of Uzbekistan. The integrated plant has mastered the technology of production of sparkling wine «White Muscat». Uzbekistan champagne rightfully took the third place in the Union.
In 1975, the «Tashkent Champagne Wine Factory« became a member of the «Uzplodoovoshvinprom».
Based on the order of the State Committee for State Property Management and Support of Entrepreneurship of Uzbekistan, in 1996 the Tashkent Champagne Wine Plant was transformed into OJSC «O'ZBEKISTON SHAMPANI». In 2014, it was decided to transform the enterprise into a joint stock company.
The enterprise is located on its own production facilities in the city of Tashkent in the Yashnabad district. The total area of the factory is 5.1 hectares.
Of these, 2.5 hectares are allocated for industrial buildings.
JSC «O'ZBEKISTON SHAMPANI» is the only enterprise in the Republic of Uzbekistan producing champagne and sparkling wines.