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Date of compilation: 01.07.2020.

Location of the issuer: 186 Sultonalali Mashkhadi str., Tashkent city, the Republic of Uzbekistan, 100007.                  

Full corporate name or surname, name, patronymic of the affiliated person Location of the legal entity or residence of the individual (to be indicated only with the individual's consent) Grounds by virtue of which a person is recognized as an affiliate Date of foundation Share of the affiliate in the authorized capital of the joint-stock company, %.
1 2 3 4 5 6
1 Agency for State Asset Management of the Republic of Uzbekistan Uzbekistan, 100000, Tashkent city , Mirabad district, Amir Temur str., 6 Legal entity that owns twenty and more percent of the company's shares 27.02.2019. 51,00
2 Tugizbaev Azam Abduraimovich Tashkent city, Bektemir district, Suvsoz, 37-69 Member of the Supervisory Board 29.06.2020. -
3 Abdullaev Miraziz Akbar coals Tashkent city, Shaykhantokhursky district, Zangiota 1 tor,11 Member of the Supervisory Board 29.06.2020. -
4 Aziz Rinatovich Yambayev Tashkent city, Chilanzar district, 7 quarter, 45 "b", 58 Member of the Supervisory Board 29.06.2020. -
5 Abbasov Ilkhom Erkinovich Tashkent city, Yakkasarai district, Khazinabog str., 46 Single executive body (minutes of the Supervisory Board dated 01.08.2020) 01.08.2020. -
6 SHAMPAN SHAROB LLC Tashkent region, Kibrai district, A.Navoiy kuchasi str. 186, TIN 302669304. A legal entity that owns twenty and more percent in the authorized fund (authorized capital) 18.07.2013. -